In-Store Services

Cleaning and Inspection 

Regular maintenance is important for the long-term care of your fine jewelry. We offer jewelry cleaning and inspection to keep your jewelry in excellent condition years after purchase. Routine cleaning prevents the buildup of dust and grease and removes microscopic scratches. Inspections help proactively identify repairs, such as loose prongs that may result in lost stones if left unattended. We recommend taking your jewelry in to be cleaned and inspected every six months to a year.

Ring Resizing 

Whether you need to go a size up or a size down, ring resizing guarantees you’ll never have to go long without wearing your favorite rings. We can resize almost any ring and get it back to you quickly. The subtle shift in band size will likely be imperceptible to the naked eye unless you need to move more than a few sizes up or down. We will happily resize rings bought both at our store and elsewhere. Please note that due to certain metal types and designs, not all rings can be resized.

Tip & Prong Repair 

Don’t risk losing your precious gemstones and diamonds by neglecting to maintain the prongs that hold the stones in place. Prongs are designed to hold gemstones in place without crushing the stone and act as a buffer to prevent chipping around the edges. However, prongs won’t last forever. We will re-tip, rebuild, or replace your prongs as part of our jewelry repair services. Your jeweler will recommend when it’s time to re-tip or repair your prongs as part of your yearly maintenance.

Custom Design 

Design your perfect jewelry with our in-house custom design services and let us help you create the piece of your dreams. From diamond engagement rings to custom engraving, custom design allows you to build the perfect piece based on your personal style. Our full-spectrum design services take you from preliminary sketches to the finished product. You’ll have one-on-one conversations with our master jewelers and plenty of opportunities to specify exactly what you want.

Gold & Diamond Buying 

Upgrade your old jewelry or trade in your unworn pieces for something new. Jewelry trade-ins can help finance a new purchase or improve an existing piece. We will buy your loose diamonds and diamond jewelry to help offset the cost of a diamond upgrade. Bring in gold jewelry in any condition for a cash payout or in-store credit to help finance the purchase of a new piece. Our expertise buying gold and diamonds ensures you maximum value on all pieces.

Jewelry Appraisals 

Appraisals are important to keep your jewelry safe and properly insured. Our expert gemologists will assess your diamonds, gemstones, and gold with precise tools to give you an accurate cost assessment and valuation. Having an up-to-date appraisal is important in the event of a loss or damage to your fine jewelry. We recommend having your jewelry appraised every three to five years to ensure you are fully covered under your insurance policy.

Jewelry Engraving 

Custom engraving on your favorite jewelry makes a piece uniquely yours. Custom engraving adds sentimental value and a very personal touch. From pendants and charms to pens and picture frames, we offer a wide variety of engraving services for you or anyone on your gift list. We can engrave monograms, important dates, company logos, or inscriptions on almost any piece. Whether you’re buying from our store or bringing in your own items for engraving services, come in for a free estimate today.

Jewelry Repairs 

Minor scratches and broken chains shouldn’t keep you from wearing your favorite jewelry. We offer full-service repairs, from gem polishing to clasp replacement. We will repair any jewelry whether you bought it at our store or not. Ring resizing, clasp and chain repair, stone replacement, scratch removal, and watch repairs are just a few of the services we offer. Whether you need a simple repair procedure or full stone replacement, bring in your jewelry for a free repair estimate while you shop.

Jewelry Restoration 

Restoring antique, heirloom, and estate jewelry requires more than the average repair service covers. Antique jewelry that has not been well maintained over the years can be returned to its original state but requires awareness to the history of the piece. Like jewelry repairs, most restoration projects require gemstone polishing, prong and tip repairs, and possible resizing. However, restoration pays attention to period-specific details and seeks to conserve the original integrity of the piece.

Pearl & Bead Restringing 

Pearl and bead restringing prevents your necklaces from breaking at inopportune moments with regular string replacements. Pearl necklaces are strung on silk thread that is knotted in between each pearl. This thread is exposed to dirt and grease that causes it to deteriorate over time. If you wear your pearls often, consider restringing every two years; otherwise, every five years is recommended for general maintenance, durability, and security.



Watch Battery Replacement & Link Adjustment 

A dead battery is likely the cause when a watch stops working. We can replace watch batteries for almost any style and brand of watch while you wait, including vintage watches. We carry most common battery sizes in stock and can source any specialty batteries for you. It is not recommended that you replace watch batteries on your own as the internal movement of a watch is carefully calibrated and can be easily damaged. Trust our repair technicians to ensure a safe replacement.